Resource Sharing and Networking of Libraries


Ministry of Communications and Information Technology comprises of three departments those are Department of Information Technology (DIT); Department of Telecommunication (DOT) and ; Department of Post (DOP) . Each department has a number of PSU/Organizations/Autonomous Bodies.Following is the broad organization chart of MCIT: 

These organizations have their own Libraries, Documentation Centres and Information Centres to meet the information needs of their officials. These organizations spend huge amount of their budget to purchase/subscribe books, journals etc. Sometimes it has been observed that these libraries purchase common/similar information resources separately. Thus there is a need of common purchasing and sharing of information resources among these organizations for the best utilization of their library budget as well as information resources  


Digital Library of ICT resources   

MCIT Libraries Consortium has the above areas in its purview. All the three Departments, Autonomous Bodies and PSU (s) has number of publications like Annual Reports, Standards, Patents and many important government publications. A Digital Library  of all such collections will be put on the consortium web site for general purpose in public domain wherever possible and for internal use of MCIT officials.  The web server will be developed and maintained by NIC, New Delhi  


e-Journals subscription and maintenance  

Looking into the trends of  e-Journals, MCIT Libraries Consortium is in the process of common subscription on Consortium Platform. Department of Information Technology, Department of Telecommunications, Department of Post and other Autonomous Bodies, PSUs  subscribe  Journals/Magazines related to ICT in print form. As the users of  our Library systems spread across the nations and cyber savvy in nature looks forward for e-version of Journals/Magazine. The most beneficial properties of e-Journals like round the clock accessibility, retrieval of information at light speed and mouse click access are the add on features to refer e-Journals.  In the common e-Journals subscription of MCIT Libraries Consortium Digital Libraries/e-Journals/Database of are enlisted.   



News Clipping Services

Like every organization’s Library, the MCIT libraries provide News Clipping Service to its users as a Current Awareness Services  (CAS). NIC, New Delhi has developed this software (called as NewsNIC) to provide this service online to its clients sitting across the country. This software will be distributed free of charge to all the participating members. It has been planned to decentralized the job of downloading news items from website and uploading in the Online News Clipping site. This decentralization is possible as the news items covered in the service are related to Information Technology, Telecommunications and ICT. The aim is  sow less reap more by sharing the job and simultaneously  avoiding duplication. The professional manpower can be deployed more efficiently. 


e-Granthalaya Software

e-Granthalaya: a Library Management software developed by NIC is  operational in many libraries.  This software will be used for Automation and Networking of all the participating Libraries in MCIT Consortium. e-Granthalaya will be installed at SAN Server located at NIC, New Delhi. All the participating libraries will update their respective database for retrieval and updating of information. Training and other infrastructure towards this will be provided through MCIT Consortium.  Our target is to strengthen the partner libraries of Consortium lagging behind in automation for information resource management.  

National Union Catalogs  


For resource sharing among the participating Libraries of Consortium ;  Union Catalogue of books, journals and resources available in the member libraries will be hosted on the web site.  e-Granthalaya  software with  such features for online Inter Library loan facility and creating integrated LIS system.  

Name :  The name of the Consortium shall be “ MCIT Library Consortium

Status : It is a non-profit making and an Association of Library, Documentation and Information Centre under the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology.  


Consortium Committee.  

Dr. Debashis Dutta, Scientist 'G' DeitY                              

Shri U.K. Nandwani, Director, STQC                                           Vice-Chairman
Shri Sriniwas S. Pownikar, Library In-Charge, C-DAC       Member  

Shri  S K Sharma, Library Incharge, DIT                              

Member Convener  
Director (Technology), DOP, Dak Bhawan                      Member  
Shri M.M. Tripathi, Joint Director, DOEACC                                  Member  
Shri P.K. Upadhyay, Officer Incharge, Library, NIC       Member  
Ms. Bharti,Librarian C-DOT                       Member
Shri Sushant K panigrahi NIC                                                                           Joint Member Convener
NODAL OFFICE: The nodal office of the Consortium is at DeitY, 6 CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110 003. All the administrative, financial and management of Consortium will be monitored at nodal office.