Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1 :

 What is MCIT consortium?  

Answer  :  

MCIT consortium is a resources sharing and networking initiative among the organizations under Ministry of Communications & information Technology. The other S&T libraries may also participate as per their Requirment.   

Question 2 :

Who are the beneficiaries of this consortium?  


Information Technology like Department of Information Technology(DIT),Department of Telecommunication(DOT), Department of Post(DOP) and their related organizations and PSUs may join the consortium.  

Question 3 :

What are the benefits of joining the consortium?  


The consortium of MCIT libraries will stop a great amount of repetitive subscription by individual libraries under the ambit of MCIT. Hence multiple journals subscription will be replaced by common electronic journal packages.Consortium subscription will  also enable access to more journal titles at less cost for the wider Scientific Community of the ministry. Value proposition is enormously attractive in terms of cost saving and wider access base to e-journals. The other benefits includes:


     1. Participating Library’s web page creation      and hosting will be  on the central server.


      2. Member participants will be getting e-Granthalaya, Library Managament Softwre free of cost for library automation and networking.


     3. All participating libraries will be able to share union  catalogue. 


Question 4 :

What are the deliverables?  

Member participants can have the full access ofIEEE online package like IEEE Periodicals, IEE Periodicals, IEEE Conference Proceedings,IEE Conference Proceedings, IEEE Standards and ACM digital library package and ISO standards on Information Technology and JCCC across Library Access Gateway. They can get free of cost e-Granthalaya Library Management Software for automation and networking of their libraries.  

Question 5 :

How long the subscription would last?  


Subscription period is generally for a year. It is required to be renewed every year.  


Question 6:

How can one access the e-resources once subscribed?  

Answer  :  

Majority of resources subscribed through the consortium are accessible through the publisher’s website. If your organization have static IP address(es).These can be sent to consortium with contact details. Some of the digital information services are also hosted on Intranet portal of respective organizations e. g. ISO Standards.


Question 7:

How many IP addresses will be activated?  


There is no limit on number of IP addresses that an institution can have. However, institutions should ensure that the IP addresses provided to the publishers are assigned to them within their organization.  

Question 8 :

Should we require to continue our print subscription?  


It is not required. you may drop your print subscription in cases like IEEE, IEE, ACM.  


Question 9 : 

Would the consortium pay for print copy of the journals with e-version.  


No. If institutions are required to maintain print subscriptions, they need to pay for it by themselves. The Consortium encourages institutions to drop their print  subscription wherever possible.