A Digital Agenda for Library Automation and Networking

         e-Granthalaya  is a product from National Informatics Centre, designed for automation of library activities and services. The first version of the software was released by the Karnataka State Unit of NIC during 2002 for automation of public libraries in the Karnataka state. Currently version 2.0 has been released for use in the Government and special libraries with the additional features and enhancements. 

        The software is being distributed at zero cost to all the Government/Public libraries under the e-Governance movement of NIC. The consortium members may also approach for free implementation /support /training /up-gradation of their library automation. 

        The software has been designed using Microsoft Technologies, front-end designed in Visual Basic 6.0 while at back-end , MS SQL Server 2000/2005 has been used. For web interface, ASP (Active Server Pages) technology has been used to populate the library data over Intranet/Internet.

        Click here for the  systems requirements, etc. for e-Granthalaya software. The software has been designed keeping in view the requirements of Special and Government  libraries. The software works in client/Server mode and provides LAN based data entry solution.

      The software contains various modules as given below:

            1. Administration
            2. Acquisition
            3. Cataloguing
            4. Circulation
            5. Serials Control
            6. Articles Indexing
            7. Budgets Controls
            8. OPAC

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click here for e-Granthalaya systems requirements and installation manual and click here to read the User Manual . click to download User Manual

Future Developments

In NIC, we are committed to develop the e-Granthalaya as a standard product for Indial Libraries and in this regard we are , at present, developing Multilingual Version of e-Gratnhalaya which will be available during the year 2006. This version will be used to manage the data entry in 10 Indian languages supported by the UNICODE system.

Updation Policy

Current users of e-Granthalaya ver.2.0 can download  (date: 023/10/2007) the full software to upgrade their system accordingly. For up-gradation, first uninstall the previous software and re-install the new one (client software only and not the database in server) downloaded from this site. For simplicity to keep the existing database connectivity, it is advised to keep the copy of "dbconn.udl" file from "C:/Program Files/Granth/" folder and copy it again to the same location after re-installation over writing the previous file. Before updation please read the guidelines 


The software also provides WebOPAC interface for accessing / searching the library catalogs over Intranet/Internet using standard Internet browsers. This web Interface can be installed on the web server where database is residing for e-Granthalaya. Full details for how to install web OPAC, please read Installation Guide. Current users of e-Granthalaya version 2.0 can download the Web OPAC Interface from below menioned links:-

Download WebOPAC Interface (with Member Login Authentication)

Download WebOPAC Interface (without Login Authenication)

please download e-Granthalaya brochure

Please view the list of current users of e-Granthalaya software

NOTE: While re-installing the Upgradation of the software, do not change/delete the database on server. 

Procedure to get the software

1. Write one letter to the address given below asking software for your library
2. download and fill-up the form given in the documents with guidelines
3. Sign an MoU before using the software (view sample copy )

   For further details, please contact:

Sh P K Upadhyay,
Officer In Cahrge,
Library & Information Services Division
National Informatics Centre
A-block, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road,
New Delhi-110 003
EMAIL: niclib@nic.in
PHONE: 24360567